McLean Management Consultants Pty Ltd

Company Overview

An Above and Below the Line Defence Management Consultancy and Goal Group Partner Firm for Commonwealth and Master Services Provider Independent Reviews since 1988 in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. Australian Industry Group representative to the Hunter Defence Task Force. Commonwealth and NSW Parliamentary inquiries and whitepapers. ODIS, AIDN, HunterNet and Goal Group Defence ISO Basics and ISO Advanced lead. National rollout of RAAF, RAN, Army and NZDIA quality management, assurance, control and improvement strategies (Lean, Six Sigma). ODIS and Business Growth Consultants for Defence and non-Defence Suppliers. Academic Peer Review Research for Supply Chains.

sector & capabilities


  • Aerospace


  • Airport Operations and Other Air Transport Support Services
  • Combat Systems Vehicle
  • Manufacturing and Repair
  • Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Part Manufacturing
  • Professional
  • Scientific and Technical Services
  • Telecommunications Goods \/ Service